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ETL Developers (Ab Ignitio)


                  Job Description


  • Extensive hands-on ETL development experience with Ab Initio
  • Strong database skills with Oracle.
  • Logical and physical data modeling skills, preferably using Erwin
  • Experienced with Unix Shell scripting
  • Experience in financial services/banking domain
  • Onsite-offshore business model experience
  • Excellent communication skills


Suite Skills

Data Integration (L2)

Should be able to develop technological solution of any complexity independently for the intended delivery competency to meet business requirements of a department Should be able to make effective use of available best practices and standards Experience Range : 1-3 years of experience in developing technology level solutions like architecture, framework, etc.

Unix Shell Scripting (L1)

[Overiew] - Shell Basics & Sub shells - Shell types: Bourne, Korn, C, bash -Korn Shell Environment - Startup Scripts (.profile, .kshrc) - Using ENV for automatic environment tailoring (PATH etc.) [Shell Command Syntax] - Commands & Options - Manipulating Input and Output Redirection (Pipes) - Aliases (alias,unalias) - How the Shell Finds Commands - Command History and Editing[Variables] - Assigning Values to Variables (set, unset and Special Variables)- Built-in Variables Known to Login Shell - The Shell Environment and predefined variables - Exporting Variables [Input/Output] - Working with filesand file attributes - Working with Directories - Basic I/O Features - String and Field Processing - Streams and pipes (exec) - Terminal Information(COLUMNS, LINES, TERM)

Essential Skill(s)

Skill1 - Ab Initio (L2)

ETL Pre-requisite Should have a good understanding of ETL concepts. Should be proficient with a database SQL language Should be able to participate and contribute in quality assurance walk through of ETL components Tool-specific: Should have knowledge of GDE/Co-operating system/EME and most frequently used components. Should be able to develop medium/Complex GRAPH and Unit test through GDE/Unix Wrapper. Should be able to independently design graph from LLD. Should have good knowledge of UNIX commands and shell-scripting. Experience Range : 2-4 years.